Adult Ministry

Team Lead: Pastor Dan Courtney

The adult ministry team focuses on offering adults of all ages a variety of opportunities to connect and grow in their walk with the Lord, to grow as a couple, as a man or woman of God, as a family, in business, in finances and in relationships.

Areas to serve on the adult ministry team are:

Activity Planner – come up with or plan a CCC Menu Activity.

Age Specific Group Leader – lead activities/menu items, defined by age group.

Bible Study Leader – lead or co-lead a Bible study.

Group Leader – lead a group of adults defined by interest (i.e. Book Club), need (i.e. FPU) or hobby (fishing, crafts, etc).

Small Group Leader – leading a home-based small group through a course of study.

Small Group Host Home – hosting a small group in your home, but not necessarily leading it.