Team Lead: Mike Minto

The missions/outreach team is responsible for tasks relating to missions and community outreach. You can be a part of one or both areas of the team.

Missions: We support missionaries locally, nationally and world wide. Area to serve with missions are:

Missionary Plaque Display – update the pictures of missionaries on our plaque display.

Missions Celebration – help plan, set-up or run a missions convention, which is a series of special services focused on missions.

Care of Missionaries – contacting and reaching out to our missionaries in a practical way.

Missions Communications – presenting updates to our missionaries on Mission Spotlight Sundays.

Cross-cultural Experience – help plan and/or go on a missions trip.

Newsletter Updates – update our church’s missionary book as their newsletters come.

Outreach: Helps to bridge the gap between CCC and Mechanicsburg as well as other surrounding communities. Areas to serve in outreach are:

Community – helping with or planning community outreaches.

Banquets – helping with any of the many details of serving a banquet.

Concert Staff – being part of the staff at a church-led concert.

Food Preparation – helping prepare/cook food for church events.

Kitchen Crew – helping in the kitchen with anything but the cooking.

Set-up/Teardown – helping with set-up or teardown for church events.

Supplies/Ordering – inventorying and/or ordering kitchen supplies.

Themes/Decorating – coming up with or setting up theme ideas for church events